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Complete Arthur/Eames rec list

So, I went through all my bookmarks and dug up my favourite Arthur/Eames recs. Most of these I've already recced on my journal before, but I figured that it couldn't hurt to have a complete post. I've not included any more details than titles, links and authors at this point, because it would take absolutely forever to include stuff like ratings, summaries and personal notes, but I will be adding to this list as I read and enjoy more Arthur/Eames fic. :D

Weltschmerz by cobweb_diamond
Oh, what a bargain (streetkids!au) + such was our calling by addandsubtract
Left and Leaving (time traveller's wife au) by pyrimidine
Das Vorbewusste by weatherfront
Towards Zero by mirabellawotr
Incipit by thehoyden
Make a home from a rented house by smallacts
Dearheart by bauble
Eames has to strangle Arthur to death in a dream
Weary memories by vega_writes
Wouldn't touch me, touch me bad by musical_emjay
Terms of endearment by saucy_kate
Death, be not proud by aimlesstravels
Hotter than tales of crack peddlin' by hackthis
The Arthur and Eames supervisory hour by hackthis
You can't hide the sun with two fingers hackthis
Too much like the world we're stuck in by anowlinsunshine
Where you belong (Hogwarts AU) by vega_writes
Equilibrum by atomicskull
You're in a maze by andrealyn
Dull Boy by sparky77
Little Sport by th_esaurus
The Eames/Arthur Survival Guide (meta) by godofwine
Kobayashi Maru by hackthis
Cat and Mouse by kiyala
Living, loving, and blowing shit up by kiyala 
Presque Vu by rageprufrock


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