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Complete Klaine rec list

This is just a list of all the fic that I've read and enjoyed immensely so far in this pairing -- most of which I have already recced elsewhere on my journal. However, I figured that it couldn't hurt to have a comprehensive list in one place. :3

NB: LJ has eaten this on three different occasions, now, but I think I've recreated the list successfully each time. If I'm missing things -- I could have sworn I had a 30k+ category, but I can't for the life of me figure out what was in it -- please let me know so I can fix it! :&

Five Times Blaine Exceeded Expectations by etacanis
Technically, there were six times Blaine exceeded Kurt's expectations. He'd never expected anyone be so naturally brilliant, either. PG-13

The One Wherein Blaine and Mike are Besties by penelopemuse
That time of year again for the duets competition and it’s all jacked up. PG

No Regrets, Just Love by twentysomething
It doesn't help that Kurt is totally Blaine's type. Wes and David, who have been through Steven, Eric and Rory, with little more than a running treasure box of designer scarves stolen from former loves, both stare at Blaine skeptically. PG-13

Five Times Kurt and Blaine Are Mistaken for More Than Friends by  rockinhamburger 
"I think you’re kidding yourself." PG-13

Unruffled by  spazzula 
Blaine is not the type to pine. He doesn't blush and stammer and yearn like a teenage girl, not at all. [character study, through 2.10] PG

Porcelain by  denofiniquity 
The night of their parents' wedding, Kurt finds himself sharing a conversation about their history, Blaine, and Karofsky with the guy he used to be crazy about and who ended up being his "big" brother. His life, sometimes, is insane. PG

Being the Princess by  threepwillow 
Kurt remembers when he thought he was in love with Finn Hudson. But now, he's making new memories. R

What Can I Get by  threepwillow 
Kurt is seriously, seriously this close to quitting Cheerios(aka the kissing booth fic) PG-13  

101 Ways Blaine Tips McKinley On Its Head (Without Batting an Eyelash) by  mary_flanner 
So instead of slinking off to the bathroom to change clothes, rinse his hair and nurse his wounded pride, Blaine capitalizes on the years of pent up l’esprit de l’escalier he’s had seething through his veins since the day he left his old school. R

Jazz Hands by  penelopemuse 
Blaine is a master of fitting in. After all, he's gone a year and a half at McKinley without anyone realizing that he is gayer than a treeful of canaries. Then he sees Kurt Hummel and, suddenly, fitting in isn't everything it was cracked up to be. PG-13

All I See Is You by  skintightsocks 
Kurt isn't sure when this became, like, a thing for him, but he's so used to seeing Blaine polished and put together that seeing him with wild hair and glasses and sleep clothes, Kurt's clothes, is kind of driving him crazy. NC-17

En Guarde by  byham_rory 
Finn's more observant than people give him credit for, because he totally knows something's up with Kurt. When Jacob Ben Israel reveals that he knows what's up thanks to a hidden camera, Finn goes into protective-big-brother mode and swears to make things all better. Also, he threatens Blaine with a steak knife because he just so happens to have one in his hand. PG-13

Let Your Troubles Roll By by  rusting_roses 
The 'missing scenes' of Never Been Kissed. PG-13

And I Do Appreciate You Being 'Round by  svz_insanity 
Alternate title "Five Times Kurt Helped Members of New Directions from Dalton (And One Time New Directions Returned the Favor By Giving Him a Little Push)". PG-13

Nobody But Yourself by  tiria_thurin 
Kurt's the only one who knows the real Blaine. NC-17

Taste The Warming Glow by  pyroclastic 
“I think about kissing you a lot, actually. I hope you don’t mind.” -- “No,” Kurt responds, breathless like he’d been held under water and had just then broke the surface to gasp for air. “I don’t mind at all.” PG-13

Sickness by  heroes_and_cons 
The year is 1954, and Blaine and Kurt are two friends who attend Dalton Academy in Westerville, Ohio. Having been raised by an ex-Marine father, Blaine is never one to venture outside the norm, yet he’s unable to resist the way he feels about Kurt. An idealist at heart, Kurt someday dreams of running away together, but Blaine struggles to choose between his conscience and his heart. PG-13

Five Times Kurt Hummel Makes Excuses For Dave Karofsky’s Deplorable Behavior (and the one time he absolutely freaking doesn’t) by  caroline_shea 
Expository title is expository. R

Of Frenchmen and Fractals by  kivrinengle 
Kurt had fully expected to fall in love when he transferred to Dalton, and it might even have been part of his reason for going. What he didn’t expect was that he would fall in love with school. PG-13

A Conspiracy of Love by  cookiedough 
"Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love." -- Hamilton Wright Mabi. 'Tis the season in Lima, Ohio, and gifts are given and recieved. PG-15

Of Art and Broken Hearts by  of_a_crescendo 
AU: splitting off from where Kurt visits the Warblers. In ten or so years, Blaine paints a beautiful man who's strangely familiar. Only he's not quite the same, he's broken and tired, and there are track marks up his arms. Of painting sessions, realizations, broken hearts and capturing the essence of a person in a portrait. NC-17

On Centrifugal Living by  nthcoincident 
Twelve months and a love story in cups of coffee. R

The One Where Blaine Screws Up A Lot by  fleurdelisee 
Blaine has some issues with not being an ass to everyone. R

Thousand Ways To Leave This Place by  sotto_voice 
Kurt has to figure out how life works now. PG-13

From The Desk Of The Fourth Writer... by  byham_rory 
Jesse St. James was at Sectionals. He overheard Rachel's song for Finn in the auditorium. Blaine plotted with Wes and David to sing with Kurt. Blaine's a dork who fails at confessing his feelings. Mr. Schuester did have a reason to be at Dalton, I promise. Jesse's kind of a stalker, but with good intentions. Also, Christmas spirit. He and Kurt like bearing gifts. Puck and Quinn remember their daughter's first Christmas. And Blaine is still a complete dork who doesn't fail at confessing his feelings. tl;dr: A complete re-write of 2x10. PG-13

Scenes From A Thai Restaurant by  rusting_roses 
Just because Kurt and Blaine have confronted Karofsky doesn't mean everything's perfect- in other words, Kurt is anxious, Blaine is worried, and Mercedes, Wes and David do what they can to help. PG-13
Sequel to Let Your Troubles Roll By

Scholars and Gentlemen by  mary_flanner 
Part 1: I Didn't Tell Anyone, But A Bird Flew By
Part 2: Once Upon A Time (In Your Wildest Dreams)
Part 3: Poisoned By These Fairy Tales
Part 4: Come Monday
No summary provided. R

D.A.L.T.O.N. by  denofiniquity 
Blaine is a student at D.A.L.T.O.N. Academy for Boys, a training ground for spies. Kurt is a criminal mastermind hellbent on destroying Canada. Naturally, they fall in love. R

Five Times Blaine Was Wrapped Around Kurt’s Finger (And One Time The Situation Was Reversed) by  fleurdelisee 
Maybe Blaine can’t say no to Kurt, but Kurt can’t, either. PG-13

Somewhere Against Your Anatomy by  threepwillow 
Repo!AU. NC-17

The Mermaid Theory by  halona 
AU. Blaine has a boyfriend and he’s a little worried Kurt might have developed a crush on him. Blaine’s not interested, until he really, really is. NC-17

On Fire When He's Near You by  villageidiot 
The many misunderstandings of Kurt and Blaine. PG-13

The Weight of the World by  bellinaball 
AU: Blaine's parents have given him a present. No matter what Kurt tells him, Blaine knows that his gift isn't a person. NC-17


When Obvious Meets Oblivious by  fleurdelisee  
The one where Blaine flirts with songs, Kurt is thick and Finn is scarred for life. R

Spah!verse by  infraredphaeton 
The Dalton boys are geeks. no rating given

Dalton by CP Coulter
Post-Furt: Spinning off from Glee, Kurt begins an entirely new chapter in his life at Dalton Academy for Boys. Blaine, Wes, David and the boys of Windsor House make his life, for better or worse, far more eventful than he imagined. PG-13
100k+ as of 18/12/10

Darren Criss/Chris Colfer RPS

Shades of Grey by  glycerineclown 
Darren’s straight, but Chris is kind of magic. Inner conflict, one-sided yearning and learning. PG-13 // 1,769

Pink and Black by glycerineclown 
Deciding Darren Criss is off-limits has been one of the most grueling experiences of my young life. PG-13 // 1,301
Sequel to Shades of Grey

Adverbs 'verse by  oddreigh 
Prompt: "I really want Darren to be Colfersexual and make speeches about how sexuality is fluid and it's okay to act if you find yours invalidated because it might just be the love of your life or some shit. But with HP references."
(NB: locked to members of  kurt_blaine  only.) 


R // 6,669 words

R // 2,560 words

Quite Possibly
R // 8,425 words

PG-13 // 7,835 words

Can't Look At You Any Other Way by  skintightsocks 
They are making out, in a manner the script even goes so far as to call "heated," and Chris is really, really wishing he spent more of his time making out with people he didn't work with so he'd have some kind of frame of reference for this type of thing. PG-13 // 4,600+ words

I'm new to Klaine -- where should I start?

Any of these recs on here are good places to start, really, but my all-time top five recs are:
  1. Dalton by CP Coulter
  2. Spah!verse by  infraredphaeton 
  3. Thousand Ways to Leave This Place by  sotto_voice 
  4. Five Times Blaine Was Wrapped Around Kurt’s Finger (And One Time The Situation Was Reversed) by  fleurdelisee 
  5. On Centrifugal Living by nthcoincident


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