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[i watch the stars from my windowsill]

the whole world is moving and i'm standing still

19 November
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I’m Adam, but you may also see me called Bo. I’m 15 years old and live in the UK. I fanboy over pretty much everything and want to marry Dianna Agron some day. My favourite colour is blue, followed by red, and I love acoustic music. Darren Criss is my idol and my spirit animal. I’m straight but with the occasional bisexual tendencies, and am a staunch supporter of LGBT rights.

I’m a Scorpio, a Hufflepuff and a Klainer, and I get highly emotional over the strangest things.

This is my personal journal, so I advise against friending me if you wish to follow my fandom stuff (my tumblr is probably better for that). I'm also very careful when it comes to adding people, so if I don't add you back then it's simply because I don't feel comfortable that I know you well enough to allow you to see some of the more personal entries in here.